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Registration & Withdrawal Process

Infinitrade invite traders of all experience levels to access the financial markets via an intuitive and sophisticated trading platform. As an online company, we require that users provide us with accurate details in order to communicate and keep them fully informed regarding their account and account activities. Which is why we require the following details when registering:

Last Name
Email Address
Phone Number
Upon registering an account with us, it should be noted that as an online company we are also required to abide by certain laws and policies, such as the KYC policy and AML Laws which is a process which all trading or online websites such as ours have to ensure the users are following. You’re able to read further about this on our dedicated pages AML/CFP policy & KYC.


Once a refund is requested, first and foremost, Infinitrade reviews the account to make sure that all the requirements have been met, This is to avoid any delays or obstacles while processing the refunds/withdrawals. Consequently, it is very important that clients place their withdrawal request on their trading account so that the assigned department gets notified of same.

Eligibility for Refunds & Withdrawals:

Clients will only be able to withdraw if:
Their account is verified.
Have an available balance.
No open/active trades.

Refund & Withdrawal Policy download Refund Withdrawal Policy

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