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Bonus Policy

The website Infinitrade at (hereunder referred to as the “site”, “we”, “us” or “our”) is owned and operated by A&E Products Ltd with registration number 205392183 and located at 10 Hadjut sider ap 18 Sofia City R.A Sofia 1309 Bulgaria. Infinitrade offers its traders with the opportunity to enjoy bonuses and special offers from time to time which are subject to the following terms listed in this Bonus Policy, in its Terms and Conditions and/or any other specific terms or regulations that are made available on the site. In the case where a conflict may arise in regards to the terms set in the Bonus Policy, the Terms and Conditions and/or any other set of terms stipulated on the site, precedence will be given to i) Bonus Policy; ii) Terms and Conditions.

General Terms:

Certain bonuses and special offers may not be available to traders who live in geographical areas or under jurisdictions that are restricted by law. In such cases, the wagering requirements for the withdrawal of bonuses and accumulated profits may differ. You may get in touch with us at [email protected] for more details regarding this.
Unless specified in the terms and conditions, only one trader per household is eligible for bonuses and/or special offers, regardless of the number of trading devices at the retained address. User identities of traders are determined by part of or all of the following: name, mailing and e-mail address, IP address, credit card number, and any other form of identification required by Infinitrade.
Any special offer or bonus may be withdrawn, revoked or amended at any time, for any reason without any prior announcement.
Traders seeking to withdraw their funds from their account balance should refer to our withdrawal and refund policies available on the site at
In the event where funds are cancelled or denied by any payment service provider, Infinitrade reserves the right to refuse or nullify a bonus and/or profits of the trader.

Bonus Funds:

Trader bonuses at Infinitrade are liable to certain trading requirements and conditions, including the following:

The total trades of a trader at Infinitrade should cumulate to a particular value for the trader to qualify for a withdrawal request of any bonus funds or profits associated to his/her trading account.

Unless specified in the Terms and Conditions, all bonuses and special funds are available for withdrawal as long as traders meet the trading volume limit required of 40,000 times of its value. For example: Bonus * 40,000 turnover = eligible for withdrawal.

In order to be eligible to request a withdrawal for every bonus, it is mandatory that you reach a trading volume of 40,000. That is, (Bonus 1 + Bonus 2) * 40,000 turnover makes you eligible to withdraw your bonus.
Note: Each trader point represents 100,000 turnover.

By requesting for a full or partial bonus withdrawal, you will be subject to the following terms:
i) If you request to withdraw funds below 20% of your deposit amount, your account balance will be calculated only by subtracting your withdrawal amount.
ii) If you request to withdraw 20% or above of your deposit amount, the following bonus or profit shall be revoked.

In the event where you do not hold any deposit funds but only bonus funds in your trading account and you are unsuccessful in executing a trade with the bonus funds within a time period of 90 days, all your bonus funds will be forfeited to Infinitrade without any notice or recourse to request any refund.

Bonus Abuse

Under its sole and complete discretion, Infinitrade reserves the right to withhold payment and/or revoke any special offer and/or bonus funds to user accounts that appear to be part of any form of conspired strategies, adverse exploitation of any malfunctions or failures in Infinitrade’s software/system.

Such matters will be perceived as inclusive of abuse under the term “Bonus Abuse” but is also not limited to the following:

Infinitrade members who have control and are registered under more than one active trading account on the platform;
User’s account name does not tally with the name on the credit card(s) provided during the registration of his/her account;
The same payment method or wire transfer account is used by two different users on the platform;
If a user has disputed charges (also referred to as “charged back”) for any of the deposited funds in their account;
Users who act individually or in affiliation to a group to create multiple accounts to claim free bonuses or any other special offers; and/or to attempt to abuse a bonus offer in any other way;
Suspicious trading activity that appear fraudulous, manipulative, a case of cash arbitrage or any other attempt to collect risk-free profits through bonuses and/or other unlawful means.
Under its sole and complete discretion, Infinitrade reserves the right to resort to the following actions in the event where a user’s conduct is deemed as Bonus Abuse:
Withhold and invalidate all the profits in the user account;
Terminate the user’s account;
Retain all funds in the user’s account;
Deny user access/eligibility from receiving any further bonus or promotional offers in the future.

Additional Provisions:

To the extent that is permissible by law, Infinitrade shall not be liable for any loss of partial or full profits, data, revenues and/or any other damages whether financially, indirectly, special, consequential or punitive in regards to any bonuses and/or special offers that are subjected to this Bonus Policy. By trading with Infinitrade, you consent that in no event shall our total liability to you for any damages whatsoever exceed the amount of fifty dollars ($50.00) and the foregoing limitations shall be effective even if the above-stated terms fails of its essential purpose.

The terms listed in this Bonus Policy shall be governed by and interpreted under the ICC ADR Rules and you irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the law in Bulgaria in relation to any dispute that may arise in regards to Infinitrade’s Bonus Policy. For the avoidance of doubt the aforesaid shall not prevent us nor derogate from our right, to enforce any judgment of such court or to seek interim injunctions in any relevant venue or jurisdiction.