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Infinitrade is world-class trading platform that welcomes traders of all experience levels to invest in a wide array of assets on global markets.

After listening and responding to the feedback of investors, we have ultimately built and designed the Infinitrade platform to meet the requests and expectations of real-life traders. With access to the most innovative, advanced and enjoyable trading assets on the web, Infinitrade is more than any other generic platform that is currently available in the industry. Rather than simply focusing on one type of trader or skill level, we offer a comprehensive range of resources and educational tools to help build confident, talented and satisfied traders.


Along with the trading platform itself, the all-round customer service package we offer has also made Infinitrade a household name among discerning traders. We take enormous pride in nurturing the development and advancement of all traders at all levels. This is why, we make it a point to ensure that the individual needs of our traders are met at all stages of their journey, from the registration of their accounts to completing trades on our platform.

We also believe in the importance of encouraging responsible trading at all times. We never mislead our customers as to the risks involved in all types of trading and do our best to inspire informed and educated decision-making. Infinitrade is a brand that holds honesty, integrity and transparency in high importance.

We’d love to hear from you with any questions you have on any of our services – give the Infinitrade customer service team a call today.


Along with the trading platform that clients’ will use to execute trades, Infinitrade provides additional services as well as a comprehensive range of resources and educational tools such as:

  • Educational Videos
  • E-Books
  • Glossary
  • Market News
  • Economic Calendar

The above is what our clients’ will receive upon registration and activation of their account.